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What happens when you take too many laxatives/ diuretics? | Natural Diuretics
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What happens when you take too many laxatives/ diuretics?

Does anyone know what happens over time if you abuse laxatives and diuretics?i am a expert at this when i had a eating disorder last year i would take 15 a day right after i ate something so it wouldnt be in my system for long. i lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks from that with no exercise . the thing is its painful it fells like your going to die like someone is stabbing you in the stomache with a knife . when i was 13 my mom found the laxatives in my rooom so i was in big trouble . just dont do it. you can die on a overdose of laxatives . one time i think i took 20 in like 5 hours i thought i was going to die i could not get up how much pain i was in . IT IS PAINFUL SO DONT IT. plus if you live with your parents there gonna find them in your room and you will be in trouble . take it from someone who has experience

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