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High Blood Pressure And Water | Natural Diuretics
Learn To End Water Retention

High Blood Pressure And Water

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure is a health condition in which blood pressure remains abnormally high. Hypertension is a disease of the modern age and an uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to conditions like stroke, heart attack, heart failure, blindness or kidney failure. There can be many causes to High Blood Pressure such as stress, hor 00004000 monal imbalances, obesity, high intake of sodium,Tobacco usage, Potassium intake, Alcohol consumption etc to name a few.

Causes of High Blood Pressure

There can be plenty of reasons why you may be suffering from low blood pressure.

Dehydration: Drinking enough water is extremely essential for your well-being. If you are one of those who get dehydrated easily, you must do something about it. One needs to drink more fluids than one loses. If you are one of those who works outdoors, ensure you keep sipping on liquids like nimbu paani. This will help keep the weakness in check.

Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, there's a good chance your pressure might drop. This is normal but get yourself checked if it becomes too frequent.

Heart issues: Some heart problems could cause blood in your body to not circulate properly.Deficiency of nutrients: A lack of some essential vitamins such as B-12 and iron can lead to anaemia, which is turn can result in low blood pressure.

Natural home remedies for high blood pressure

This is simple home remedy for high blood pressure using Amla : Taking amla preserve every day in the morning is useful in hypertension and heat of the blood. This is used as a blood purifier.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Can drinking alot of water cause high blood pressure?
    A doctor told me drinking alot of water can cause high blood pressure and sweating is also not good for high blood pressur e is this true?

    • ANSWER:
      Hahaha …wow i didnt know that ..maybe its true , i will check on that one ….wow sounds so not true , but who know iam just a model without any doctor Degree ….
      SWEATING……GADD!! God forgive us ….water…

    Why does a water pill effect high blood pressure?
    I recently got diagnosed with slightly high blood pressure and unfortunately am pretty young to have this issue. My primary care doctor prescribed only a water pill, instead of a highblood pressure pill. What is it about the “water pill” that lowers blood pressure? Within a week of taking the water pill my blood pressure was back to perfect. :)

    • ANSWER:
      It pulls excess fluid allowing your body to flush it out thru the kidneys…less fluid in the vascular system=less pressure in the vascular system, i.e. lower BP.

      Depending on the type of diuretic you are on your body can be depleted of potassium, which can be dangerous. Be sure to take any other medications and follow up with any blood tests your doctor recommends.

    high blood pressure, water pill???
    my doctor told me i have high blood pressure and wants me to take a water pill, how will a water pill work and how will it help? how will this water pill effect me.i am 32 years old female, with a family history of high blood pressure, i have always had extremely low blood pressure so this is very new to me….give me your input on this, thank you in advance…and yes i am more active than i used to be.

    • ANSWER:
      A water pill will cause your kidneys to remove excess water from you body. This will decrease your blood pressure by decreasing your blood volume slightly and will remove water from your extremeties. When you have high blood pressure, your body has trouble removing excess fluid, so the water pill gives it a boost. According to my parents-who both take HBP meds and water pills every day–be prepared to have to go pee every hour or so after the first pill. The more you take, the more your body becomes adjusted to the effects and the excessive peeing will decrease.

    can you take diurex with high blood pressure and high cholesterol? How much water to drink with it?
    My aunt has high blood pressure and high cholesterol but she was taken off her blood pressure pills but she is still on her cholesterol pills. She is retaining a lot of water in her ankles so she wants to take Diurex. Is it safe to take with her cholesterol pills wiht them or no? How much water should she drink with it?

    Also what are some other things she can do beside the pills to get rid of extra wate rin her body?
    Also, when should she stop taking the pills?

    • ANSWER:
      I would consult with her physician first. There may be some underlying problems as to why she was taken off the bp meds. They may have not been effective or causing some other issues. Some other things you could try starts with diet and exercise. Try lowering sodium intake, avoiding processed foods(high in sodium), and cutting out foods high in fat. Even a little exercise helps. Walking is a good start. When resting at home, elevate the legs to help against pedal edema which is common in pt’s with htn.

    is it true drinking lots of water reduces high blood pressure?
    because water acts as a diuretic and a blood thinner?

    • ANSWER:
      Somewhat……But if your system is full of salt, stay AWAY From water!! It can cause extreme edema (fluid build up) and make your blood pressure worse! Only if you’re on a low-salt diet, high potassium does water work effectively.

    Vinegar Water for High Blood Pressure?
    Vinegar Water for High Blood Pressure? Im currently on Blood Pressure medicine but My grandmother and Mom still insist I should drink a glass of water several times a day with 2 teaspoons of vinegar in it. Does anyone out there know if this home remedy really works? I want to be sure my Blood Pressure never gets out of control. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Vinegar certainly helps to reduce your blood pressure but you will probably need other natural medication as well such as fish oil and garlic.

      You can find further information in a search for “high blood pressure” + “natural remedies”.

    What herbs are good for lowering high blood pressure and/or water retention during pregnancy?

    Thank you all very much, My doctor gave me a prescription for Aldomet to take for lowering my blood pressure but I was worried a bit about taking prescription drugs right now so herbs would be my other option.

    • ANSWER:
      For lowering your blood pressure, I, as an herbalist, would recommend a formula called “Supertonic” and one called “Ginkgo Plus”.

      Although the Ginkgo Plus has Ginkgo in it, it’s not for the brain. The herbs in this combination clean out the veins and arteries. We are working on changing the name of it to “A & V Blaster”.

      Supertonic will help with your blood pressure. It is seasoned VERY hot. If you cannot handle hot/spicy things, they do come in capsule form. The only difference is with the capsules, you must take them with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to activate the ingredients.

      Since having high blood pressure will decrease your circulation, this alone may improve your water retention.

      The links are posted below to get a full description of each product.

      Hope this helps!!

    High Blood Pressure and drinking water?
    May i know is there anything about person with HBP drinking alot water?

    Or should they limit themselves? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      water contributes electrolytes to avoid dehydration. water is not connected with how the heart works.

    im on triamterence hctz and i want to know is it ok to take fat burners when im on this pill thanks

    • ANSWER:
      “Fatburners” don’t exist.

    Can you get high blood pressure for not drinking water at all?
    Hi guys, I’ve felt good during last week but druing the last 3 days I’ve been very busy at work, and just realized I have not had a single water drop, just some soymilk and food. I went to walmart yesterday to measure my BP and it was a little high (142/70), and I was reading online lack of water increases blood pressure. I have a doctor’s appointment today but just started drinking some water and I am actually feeling better. Thank you, no other symptons, just some heart acceleration that goes and comes.

    • ANSWER:
      Dehydration will definitely raise blood pressure.

      I wake up at night with it a little high, have a glass of water, and can go back to sleep in 20-30 minutes.

      Maintain your fluid intake throughout the day, everyday.

    Water Retention and High Blood Pressure?
    I take Hyzar with a Diruetic in it, for high blood pressure. Is there an over the counter water pill that I can take with it ? I was on Lisonopril with diruetic but it gave me a bad cough, so the doc switched to Hyzar. The lisonopril worked perfect in that i didnt have any water retention, but the cough was nasty. So now im taking Hyzar, but the water retention reduction is not as good as with Lisinopril…will adding a water pill to my Hyzar do the trick ? Any suggestions on a over the counter water pill ?
    Thanks but I dont need a natural foods list, I want to know what water pill over the counter I can take !
    Yes, there ARE over the counter water pills.
    Like “Aqua Ban” ????

    • ANSWER:
      i don’t think the otc water pills work. i’ve tried aqua ban and another that i can’t think of the name right now. since you already have a prescription diuretic that could be dangerous to add an otc. ask for a different prescription from your doctor. i’m guessing you’re taking hydrochlorothiazide. it didn’t work for me. i got switched to bumex. half a milligram a day keeps the fluid away for me.

    Help STAT!! Does drinking cold water help/hurt high blood pressure?
    ~can’t find answer on net~ My Dad’s pressure is high. 160/80. He is thirsty. Our water here is nasty and tastes like rust. He loves cold water and has bottles of it in the fridge. Can he drink cold water?? Will it make his pressure higher?? Or help it? I don’t want to hurt my Daddy…Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve never heard that cold water will affect blood pressure one way or the other. You may want to contact your local ask-a-nurse to be sure though. This link will lead you to your local chapter.


    WATER and BLOOD PRESSURE related?
    if higher water concentration increases blood pressure, wouldn’t drinking lots of water be BAD??..i always thought drinking lots of water was good …

    Some sites say:
    Blood pressure is proportional to the amount of water in the circulatory system
    If the water volume is low, blood pressure will be too low to push adequate amounts of blood through organs
    If water volume is high this will cause high blood pressure, which can lead to hemorrhage and strokes

    “aldosterone stimulates cells in kidney to reabsorb Na ions, also causing WATER reabsorption and raises blood pressure”

    can anyone help explain?
    site sources please.
    thank you

    • ANSWER:
      The water volume in the circulatory system is controlled by a number of factors, only one of which is water consumption. Blood pressure is controlled by a number of other factors in addition to the water volume.

      The concentration of sodium plays a significant role, with increased sodium increasing water resorption and blood volume, and, therefore, blood pressure. Aldosterone reduces the amount of sodium excreted by the kidneys, and therefore increases the concentration of sodium in the blood, which increases the blood volume and pressure. If you drink a lot of water, the CONCENTRATION of sodium in the blood goes down because it is diluted by the water, and therefore, if the quantity of water consumed is within reasonable limits, the kidneys excrete more water, maintaining the blood volume and pressure in its ideal range. Drinking lots of water by itself will not cause high blood pressure, because it is the sodium concentration which regulates the amount of water excreted, and when that concentration drops in response to increased fluid intake, your kidneys will pull the water out of the body and excrete it as urine. If you eat too much salt, the sodium concentration in the blood rises too high, the kidneys retain more water in the blood,and the blood pressure rises. High sodium concentrations in the blood actually play a much greater role in fluid retention than a high water intake. In fact, drinking water can decrease fluid retention and blood pressure because it reduces the sodium concentration in the blood.

      There are hormones other than aldosterone and ADH which influence blood pressure through other mechanisms, such as increasing the vascular tone, or altering heart rate and contractile force.

      The whole system regulates the blood pressure at optimal levels over a wide range of conditions. If the Western world didn’t have a ridiculously high sodium intake and outrageous levels of stress and sleep deprivation,, we wouldn’t have half the problems with hypertension that we have now.

    Is it true that drinking basil in water is good for dieting and high blood pressure?

    • ANSWER:
      1 large sprig basil
      1¼ cups boiling water
      1 teaspoon fresh orange juice

      Pour the boiling water over the sprig of basil and leave to infuse for 5 minutes. Remove the basil, add the fresh orange juice, stir and drink while hot.

    Can having your hands in hot water raise your blood pressure?
    When my hands are in hot water for a long time, like an hour or more, for example: washing dishes, is it possible that the hot water can raise my blood pressure and cause me to have high blood pressure?

    • ANSWER:
      According to the Laws of Thermodynamics it will.
      This law applying to Temperature and Pressure states:
      The higher the temperature, the higher the pressure, and vice versa.

    high blood pressure can cause water to get in your lungs?
    the dr. said cuz of having high b.p for so long that it caused the h20 accumulation. well he put me on b.p meds and a little white pill called lasex anyway both have i think been working fine went back and had more xrays and ekg water was out and hearts getting back to normal size. my question/concern is that i had ran out of the lasex so i didnt take for about 5 to 6 days and symptoms came back but worse nothing would stay down and when it came up it was nothing but water? whats causing this my b.p has almost been perfect so far havent ran out of them pills so why the h20 accumulation again???

    • ANSWER:
      you should do some research about CHF (congestive heart failure)

    does high blood pressure tablets cause water retention??
    ok so i have high bood pressure have been on these tabs for 5 months or so , just recently my ankles and calves are doublin in size n weigh so heavy its uncomfy i have to elevate my legs on apillow wen in bed do you think its the tabs ? .I mentioned it to a doc n she said put up with it or stop takin the tabs but how can i do either i need the tabs n i dnt need the heaviness in my legs i already have bad circulation and i am only 35 yrs old

    • ANSWER:
      Some BP tabs *cause* leg swelling (Amlodipine and Felodipine being the commonest). If your GP is not keen on stopping them, at least make sure you are on the lowest dose possible (there is not much difference in effect between the different doses). At your age there are several different types of BP tabs that could be used, so I would ask your GP about that too.

    Does drinking more water lower your blood pressure?
    My dad has high blood pressure, and he just doesn’t drink much fluids. We’ll go hiking in hot weather, and he will drink only a few sips of soda every few hours while I drink several bottles of water. Can his lack of fluid consumption be raising his blood pressure?

    • ANSWER:
      With respect to your example yes.
      The situation is that water cannot get into your system easily once you start to de-hydrate, its all a matter of osmotic pressure. That is why you see “Isotonic” drinks they raise the osmotic pressure of the drink with dissolved stuff like sugar, glucose, & salts. High osmotic pressure drink will be absorbed faster. I n theory if you are very dehydrated & drink pure water , the water would absorbe salts from the blood & only diffuse though later once its concenrtation had raised. Hence your thirst is not quenched.
      By the way, soda will create CO2 pressure in the stomach & help the water overcome the osmotic pressure.

      To help fix you dad’s high blood pressure you need Gingko biloba (>60mg conc. extract/day)and Lecithin granules (heaped tablespoon/day) Former gets capillaries woking better & latter cleans out the debris in the blood system.

    Is high cholesterol related to blood pressure?
    At my last few appointments my blood pressure has been a bit high. Then my bloodwork showed high cholesterol. I dont eat fatty foods very often but I’ve been gaining weight. The doctor mentioned that since women retain water weight it can cause high blood pressure. What are some ways to lower this? I eat well and exercise already.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Mama-of-two,

      Yes, high cholesterol can cause atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) which can compound issues with high blood pressure.

      Here are 9 steps to lower blood pressure:

      1. Put out the cigarette.

      There is a significant blood pressure rise with every cigarette you smoke.

      2. Pour out the liquor.

      More than two drinks daily for men and one for women can elevate blood pressure. One drink is equal to 12 ounces of beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1 ½ ounces of 80-proof distilled spirits.

      3. Get off the couch.

      Inactivity equals an increased heart rate. Increased heart rate means the heart must pump harder and exert more force on artery walls. Shoot for 30 minutes of activity 5 or more days each week. Get moving!

      4. Reduce stress.

      Do you turn to cigarettes, alcohol, or food to cope with stress? If so, find a new method ASAP. Possibilities include meditating, taking a bubble bath, going for a long walk – whatever works for you.

      5. Change fats in your diet.

      Reduce saturated fat intake by replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats.

      6. Use fatty acids.

      Include omega 3 fatty acids in your diet everyday.

      7. Cut back on salt.

      Read food labels to limit sodium intake to 2300 milligrams per day.

      8. Increase fiber intake.

      A high fiber diet is necessary for heart health. You need 25-35 grams of dietary fiber daily.

      9. Know your minerals.

      Three minerals play critical roles in blood pressure management – potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

      All the best,
      Lisa Nelson RD
      7 Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure – http://www.lisanelsonrd.com/naturalwaystolowerbloodpressure.html

    can a person with high blood pressure take fruta plant and what are the side effects if you are on high bloodr?
    I am 32 yrs old and i am considering taking the fruta planta just for a month to see how it works…My doctor has never heard of it and said the only thing she has been allowed to reccomend is ALLI…I suffer from high blood pressure and i currently take a water pill everyday and a beta blocker….I just need to know the effects it will have if i was take it.

    • ANSWER:
      I’ve been on BP meds for seven years, and I have taken Fruta Planta for three months without any problems.

    How to lower high Blood pressure?
    Does anybody know
    anything that you can
    do at home and/or
    give the person
    (fruit, juice, water, etc.)
    that has a high
    blood pressure
    to not make it as high as it is.
    and lower it.

    Please help
    thank you.
    Would garlic work
    Or beetroot juice?
    Or grapes?

    • ANSWER:
      He should some sort of physical work , walking is the best.
      Next cut down your weight.
      Avoid fatty or too much cooked meat, eggs,etc.
      Decrease salt intake, and more of veg diet,/fiber diet .
      No alcohol or cigs.
      Avoid stress.
      Go early to bed.
      Garlic helps in lowering of BP but in minimal range.

    i have high blood pressure and i take medication for it(water pill) i’ve just ran out and cant get a refill?
    because i have no insurance. does anyone know what i can take around the house that will help until i get a refill. my head is hurting.

    • ANSWER:
      Im not sure how high your blood pressure is without meds, but a headache is a warning sign that shouldnt be ignored, but on a good note, if all youve been taking is water pills than your not at that high of a risk. Untill u can get a refill, lower your sodium intake, dont smoke, and try excercizing. These simple things can really help.

    How to lower high blood pressure in healthy teen?
    I’m 16 and have inherited high blood pressure from my mom. They have ran numerous tests(kidneys, blood, urine, etc) and have found all to be normal. I am athletic and eat rather healthy compared to most teenagers. I rarely ever drink soda and never add salt to my food. What are some ways to lower my blood pressure? Eat more fruits and vegetables? Drink more water? I REALLY do not want to live the rest of my life taking a pill to keep my blood pressure low.

    • ANSWER:
      Try increasing your exercise and reducing your stress levels by not worrying. Meditation is good for lowering blood pressure too.

    does water increase blood pressure?
    Every time I get up, i feel dizzy, and cannot walk straight, i also get slightly blurred vision. I have been told this is due to high blood pressure, I have heard contradictory evidence, does water increase Blood pressure.

    • ANSWER:
      No, you’re dehydrated. Drink more water.

    Should one take salt to rehydrate, even if they have high blood pressure?
    My wife and I often have leg cramps, and we’re trying to rehydrate with extra water and salt; but I have high blood pressure and need to avoid too much sodium.

    • ANSWER:
      Refined salt may not be healthy, but UNrefined salt is vital to good health.

      Salt and water work together to do important work in your body, including stimulating your metabolism, helping you detoxify, and making sure your nerves, hormones and immune system function properly.

      I recommend dissolving half teaspoon each of UNrefined salt, potassium & ascorbic acid (vit.C) in 6-8 oz of water & drink every morning to replenish electrolytes. This should alleviate fatigue, headaches, dizziness or constipation caused by dehydration. Make sure you drink lots of water.

      Unrefined salt contains over 80 minerals. Natural (unrefined) Salt is 85 % Sodium Chloride and Processed (refined) Salt is 98 % Sodium Chloride. The refining process ensures that salt won’t go rancid, but eliminates all of salt’s life-sustaining properties.


      There is no better way to bring the body to the state of optimal health than with a low carb way of eating. Low carb doesn’t cause high blood pressure, high blood sugar or high cholesterol, it cures it. It is actually dangerous to take meds that lower these levels and do low carb at the same time because the levels will become dangerously low. Simple carbohydrates trigger insulin. High insulin levels unbalance other hormones. Anything less that 9 grams of carbs per hour controls insulin and is considered low carb (up to 144 grams per day).

      U.S. government guidelines were changed 35 years ago to suggest we lower our fat intake & increase our carb intake. American society followed these recommendations & lowered their fat intake by 11% & increased their carb consumption. In this same time frame obesity, diabetes, heart disease are all at epidemic levels. Through their direct effects on insulin & blood sugar, refined carbohydrates are the dietary cause of coronary heart disease & diabetes.

    I have high blood pressure, I have been put on tablets and water tablets I have suddenly started to sweat is t
    bp is 200 over 140 i do not smoke or drink it is being checked at dr ev week but no improvement, should I be worried about the sweating

    • ANSWER:

    i am 39ws+4 midwife came and said i had high blood pressure and protein in water has anyone else had this?

    • ANSWER:
      Not personally, but it means you have signs of a condition called pre-eclampsia. You will need regular blood pressure checks and your obstetrician might consider inducing your pregnancy. Don’t worry though it happens quite commonly and is easy to manage.

    i have a water treatment and use salt pellets softeners is that cosing me to get high blood pressure thank s?

    • ANSWER:

    worried about high blood pressure i am 34w4d preg. and my water is already broken..plz help?
    ok so i am now 34weeks and 4 days pregnant and my water has been broken for a week now. i am in the hospital on bed rest and havent had many other problems i am also a gestational diabetic i have been feeling really nauseous today and also been having a head ache. my blood sugar was low all day until after dinne. which i only ate a salad and it was 158 should have been under 100. then my blood pressure was checked mind you that my normal blood pressure run from 90/50-105/60 tonight it was 126/61 and then because i was concerned with it the nurse checked it again an hour later and it was 137/73 she said we would keep an eye on it and she is not calling the dr to tell them unless its up in the 160′s. she comes in to check it again at 4am. i am just wondering if anyone had something like this happen so quickly? thank u!

    • ANSWER:
      your blood pressure can go up in matters of minute. mine did. just stay clam and relax. it will help bring it down. try reading or taking naps.

    What effect if any does staying well hydrated have on high blood pressure?
    Somebody told me that you can flush some of the salts from your system by drinking 8 glasses of water or more a day, but I though part of the problem of high blood pressure is that there is already too much fluid in your blood. I’m already on Diovan, doing gripping exercises, doing cardio, trying to reduce salt intake, and trying to lose weight but I’m looking for extra things to do to help.

    • ANSWER:
      Try getting more potassium into your diet, and drinking plenty of water. I know that it sounds like adding additional fluid is counter-productive, but the water will help flush sodium and it can help to lower BP.

      To lower blood pressure, blunt the effects of salt, and reduce the risk of kidney stones and bone loss, adults should consume 4.7 grams of potassium per day. However, most American women 31 to 50 years old consume no more than half of the recommended amount of potassium, and men’s intake is only moderately higher. Canadians typically eat more potassium than their American counterparts. African Americans in the United States generally get less potassium than non-Hispanic whites, and because they have a higher prevalence of elevated blood pressure, increased potassium intake may have particularly significant benefits for them.

      Foods with Potassium Serving Size Potassium (mg)
      Apricots, dried 10 halves / 407
      Avocados, raw 1 ounce / 180
      Bananas, raw 1 cup / 594
      Beets, cooked 1 cup / 519
      Brussel sprouts, cooked / 1 cup 504
      Cantaloupe 1 cup / 494
      Dates, dry 5 dates / 271
      Figs, dry 2 figs / 271
      Kiwi fruit, raw 1 medium / 252
      Lima beans 1 cup / 955
      Melons, honeydew 1 cup / 461
      Milk, fat free or skim 1 cup / 407
      Nectarines 1 nectarine / 288
      Orange juice 1 cup / 496
      Oranges 1 orange / 237
      Pears (fresh) 1 pear / 208
      Peanuts dry roasted, unsalted 1 ounce / 187
      Potatoes, baked, 1 potato / 1081
      Prune juice 1 cup / 707
      Prunes, dried 1 cup / 828
      Raisins 1 cup / 1089
      Spinach, cooked 1 cup / 839
      Tomato products, canned sauce 1 cup / 909
      Winter squash 1 cup / 896
      Yogurt plain, skim milk 8 ounces / 579

      This is what I had to do to lower my bp – but the doctor never told me.
      I now do cardio , have cut back on salt, drink 8 glasses of water a day get plenty of potassium and have lost 10 pounds – but my doctor only told me to cut down on salt.

      Good on you for making your changes !

    What are the best ways to put down high blood pressure?
    I am 140 lbs over weight. I am 5’5″. I am only 17 years, 5 months old. They put me on prescription pills today to lower it, but I want to know how else can I help myself to lower my high blood pressure? I’ve read some questions like eating celery (i don’t like), bananas and water. What else can be added? Ohh!! and I started walking every evening for 30 mins, and sometimes I go for a dip.

    Tomorrow I am going to blood work, and everything else.

    Thank you in advance to whom can help my problems.

    • ANSWER:
      I changed my diet to low carb, low fat, high fibre, high protein and do brisk walking. That lowered my blood pressure as well as cholesterol levels.

      I keep to it to stay slim and healthy without medications or treatments.



    Are high blood pressure pills supposed to make you urinate?
    Recently had a mild stroke&was also diagnosed with high blood pressure,but it seems like the things you enjoy eating are the things you’re not supposed to have and now I am trying my best to eat healthier&drink more water UGH!

    • ANSWER:
      In answer to your first question… yes… many high blood pressure meds are “diuretics,” which results in increased urination.

      And secondly… yeah, it kinda sucks not being able to eat whatever you want… but for the sake of your health… 1) try to find substitutes or healthier alternatives (e.g. instead of brownies, if you want chocolate, eat a little bit of dark chocolate, which actually can be healthy in small amounts) and 2) give yourself treats in moderation!!!

    Anyone taken Labetalol for high blood pressure in pregnancy?
    I had high blood pressure before pregnancy. I watch my sodium intake and drink plenty of water, plus I’m taking 2(200mg) of Labetalol 3x a day. Has anyone done this before? Heard of birth defects or anything?

    • ANSWER:
      I had high blood pressure during pregnancy of my fourth child but I was prescribed a Methldopa (Aldomet) which was taken 2x daily along with controlled sodium on the diet and modified diet. My boy is now 6 months without any defect and is perfectly healthy.

      Labetalol is used to control blood pressure during pregnancy with proper caution as it lowers blood pressure very quickly. It is usually used during the last stage of pregnancy or delivery. I had known some who had taken it without harm caused to the baby, the only possible effect would be the size of the baby which could become a bit smaller. Just watch your sodium intake and the diet as well. Take care.

    Can I use a Neti Pot if I have high blood pressure?
    One more neti pot question: I have high blood pressure and the saltwater in the neti pot concerns me. Since I’m not actually swallowing most of the water, should I be concerned?

    • ANSWER:
      No, not at all. Neti Pots should only be used with an effective Saline solution, which is 1% salt water concentrate (the same concentration as human tears). It’s 1 gram per 100 mL of water, which is just under 1/4 tsp per 3.33 oz (just under half a cup). To give you a point of reference, that amount can last 1-2 applications, plus most of the salt drains out through your other nostril…. you would only absorb maybe a pinch of salt a week from using a Neti Pot.

      Even on a salt-restricted diet, you still get some minor amounts of salt (which is healthy for you), and this is way less than the “desired minimums” that are typically recommended for low-salt diets. Don’t worry about it

    If you have GERD and occasional high blood pressure, is it safe to take baking soda when you have a tummy ache
    The reason I ask is baking soda has a lot of sodium in it. By taking a teaspoon of baking soda with 4 oz of water it helps eliminate stomach ache. Has anyone with occasional high blood pressure ever taken baking soda and didn’t have any problems? What do you think you have to do differently?

    • ANSWER:
      Try putting peppermint essential oil topically over the stomach area. This usually settles things down within 15 seconds. If your skin is sensitive, you can dilute the essential oil with natural cooking oil or unscented cream.

      You can also purchase organic peppermint candy at your health food store. These work well, also.

    Can being on your period rise your blood pressure and retain water?
    My blood pressure is high 141/103
    and my legs hurt and are swollen and also.

    I’m bleeding heavy this month.

    Is this normal with menstrual cycles?

    • ANSWER:
      Your blood pressure is dangerously high! This is NEVER normal, no matter what you think is causing it. You need to see a doc ASAP.

    If you have high blood pressure and give blood everyday wouldn’t that counter balance the problem?
    I read that if you eat too much sodium then you retain too much water. If you retain too much water then you produce too much blood which causes your heart to work faster and thus your blood pressure goes up. If you took the excess blood out everyday and then some…wouldn’t that counterbalance the problem?

    • ANSWER:
      You’ve to understand that high blood pressure isn’t caused by excessive blood in your body. In fact, it is caused by the narrowing of your blood vessels by lipids or just simply, fats. Simply donating blood won’t help. Besides, you can’t donate blood. The hospital will reject your blood donation offer because you have high blood pressure. This means you have too much fats dissolved in your blood. Once a patient received your blood, they might suffer high blood pressure, migraine, or even heart attack, which is the major cause of deaths. The only way to solve this problem is by exercising. I bet you’ve heard this millions of times before. This is the most accurate, beneficial and working method. Don’t even try whatsoever pills that promises you to lose weight, lose fat or lose cholesterol unless it’s from the hospital. These commercial products are mostly fake things. Lastly, remember to stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, and friends who smoke and drink.

    Can You Take Diurex (caffeine Free Water Pills) when Prescribed Norvasc for High Blood Pressure?
    I am a 22 yr old who was just recently prescribed Norvasc for stage 2 hypertension. My BP was 159/108 the other day. After taking Norvasc it has went down some but not ideally. I have read alot about diuretics helping your bp & if you have stage 2 then you may need to take more than one prescription/diurectic to reach your goal bp. The pharmasist said I should get Diurex Water Cappsules~Caffeine Free~ to help. I was just wondering if anyone had taken a combination of the two and how it worked for them. I am new at the BP thing and any usefull information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Absolutely NOT!

      First of all, Diurex is NOT an approved diuretic. It is an over-the-counter dietary supplement piece of garbage and has NO regulation, much less, any evidence based research.

      If your doctor has prescribed you Norvasc for your blood pressure, then let HIM/HER be the one to decide whether or not you need to add a diuretic. I do not care what some Pharmacist suggested — they are NOT medical providers.

      If your blood pressure is coming down, but not necessarily to goal (130/85 or below), then there’s a reason for this. Bringing you down TOO FAST will likely make you VERY symptomatic; dizzy, nauseated, etc.

      Let the medicine do it’s job. Monitor your blood pressure daily (twice is best), and follow up as recommended. THEN…maybe they’ll add a diuretic.

      Best of luck!

    swollen feet, dizziness and high blood pressure?
    iam on medication for high blood presure and water tablets but since friday i have also been suffereing from swollen ankles, i have also been feeling dizzy for the last few weeks, my blood pressure has been checked 3 times in last 4 weeks and its still high, do i have anything to worry to about btw ive had blood taken today to send away for analysis

    • ANSWER:
      it could be a lot of possibilities.. like, congestive heart failure or something simple like an allergic reaction or side effect from your medication..

      but since you are on diauretics, that should actually be lessening the fluid inside of you.. mainly, making you go to the bathroom every 15 minutes!.. a lot of cardiac patients are on diauretics to keep them from filling up with fluid around their heart and in their ankles, etc..

      my advice would be to sit down and talk to your family doctor.. if you see a cardiologist regularly, then sit down and talk to them as well.. maybe they could prescribe you something different.. but with all medications, you are, 99% of the time, alwa

    what are ways to reduce borderline high blood pressure and stress?
    when i go to the doc, my blood pressure be borderline high
    i dont eat meats very often
    i rarely have food often
    i drink plenty of water
    everything i eat is salty
    or to sweet
    i’m stressed tryin to reduce it

    • ANSWER:
      You need to get regular exercise (three 20 minute walks a day is easier and better than one 60 minute walk). Work up to it if you’re really out of shape.
      You need to eat properly: fresh lean meats, vegetables and fruit. Avoid products containing wheat and sugar (esp. soft drinks). Go easy on the salt — processed/frozen and fast foods have hidden salt in them. That’s why it’s better to cook from scratch. There is lots of junk, like MSG, hydrogenated fats and high fructose corn syrup in store-bought products. If you can’t pronounce it you shouldn’t be eating it.
      This will reduce your stress and your blood pressure.
      Get some ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 1,000 mg at the health food store and take one 3 times a day. Also vitamin D3, 2,000 iu a day preferably in divided doses throughout the day.
      You’ll be fine.

    How to get my high blood pressure down in 4 days?
    Im going to see a doctor this sunday. I been drinking sodas. I need to get my blood pressure check. Is it possible to get my blood pressure any lower in 4 days? I plan on walking in the evenings and also drinking alot of water plus take vitamins.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no quick fix to the problem of high blood pressure.

    How can I naturally treat my high blood pressure?
    I went in for my physical today and my blood pressure is 148/92. I already eat low-fat organic food, do not drink anything but water, and exercise. Could it be caused by driving to the doctor’s office in a white out and residual stress from Christmas? (I live in Colorado and work retail.) What else can I do?
    I’m only 10 pounds overweight having dropped 30 pounds in the fall. My blood pressure was fine before, but not so good now.

    • ANSWER:
      You can also have what is called “White Coat Syndrome” that means that as soo as you go to a doctor or dentist etc, your pressure goes up, 148/92 is high, the 92 part is anyway! Naturally, u sound like ur on the rite track, dont eat salt, drink lots of water, fruit and veg. Dont forget alot of times its heredity as well, stress as well, dont worry about things and try some breathing exercises, just google it and you will find plenty, but really you should go to your doctor and try one of those 24 hour monitors you strap on and see what that says, if it is still high you should really go on blood pressure pills, its for ur own saftey. How’s your cholesterol? if thats high so is ur blood pressure usually, I had to go on cholesterol pills, I take one a day, “Lipitor” and mine has dropped to below normal, my blood pressure also has come down, I walk everyday but basically still live a normal life, theres no point living a horrible life without enjoying good food etc, its no life if all u do is worry about blood pressure etc, do ur best and enjoy life, if that means having to take a pill a day than so be it, my parents have been on cholesterol and blood pressure pills for thirty years and they are fine into their 80′s still eating good food and drinking wine, (Red) so be kool and have fun, cheers.

    is it true that naegleria fowleri bugs only live on high blood pressure in people?
    are they in cape town (south africa) and do they only live on people with high blood pressure. also they said it can be inhaled through your nose ,like breathing or only if water goes up your nose
    please answer people i need to know! no one is answering

    • ANSWER:

    Can drinking a lot of water raise blood pressure?
    I’ve been doing some thinking and research and was wondering if drinking a lot of water all day every day has anything to do with raising your blood pressure? Several years ago I adapted to drinking a lot of water since I realized that I didn’t get enough and also to cut down on soda, juice, etc. About a year and a half ago I was told I had high blood pressure and I’m even taking medication for it =( I was wondering if my drinking lots of water has anything to do with my blood pressure? Even sometimes (while on the medication) I measure my BP and it’s sometimes shockingly high. If you must know, I probably drink at least 2 gallons of water a day.

    • ANSWER:
      I know that everything that is taken excessively could potentially be bad for you (water poisoning) but I don’t think it would have an adverse effect on your blood pressure; if anything I would think it’d be positive, but I’m not a doctor so I’m not 100% sure about that.

      I know that salt intake can increase your blood pressure; stress, family history, anxiety, all of those things can contribute to elevating your blood pressure, but I’ve never heard of water being one of them. Do you have a family history of high blood pressure? Are you overweight? Do you exersice regularly? Are you under any stress? Those things are commonly linked to HBP; maybe it’s just in your family.

      Try to lead a more relaxed lifestyle, cut back on stress as much as possible (easier said than done, I know from personal experience, but we have to try!), cut back on your salt intake, try to excersice at least a few minutes a day, walking or jogging if at all possible, if you’re a few pounds over what your ideal weight should be, try to loose a few pounds, and of course, take your meds as prescribed. This will all help get your blood pressure under control.

      But again, I’m not quite sure water has anything to do with it. If anything your health should benefit from a healthy water intake; but of course keep in mind that anything in excess could be bad for you. Try to balance things out. Good luck.

    What Should i do to lower bad cholestrol and High blood pressure?
    at the moment im on crestor, im on a diet, i do excersise 4 times a week for an hour..i drink lot of water, im staying away from sodium and high fat foods. ive lost about 8 pounds in 4 weeks. anything else i can do? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterolCholesterol has a special ‘transport system’ for reaching all the cells which need it. It uses the blood circulation as its ‘road system’ and is carried on ‘vehicles’ made up of proteins. These combinations of cholesterol and proteins are called lipoproteins.
      There are two main types of lipoproteins – LDL (low-density lipoprotein) and HDL (high-density lipoprotein). The lower the density of the lipoprotein , the more fats it contains.


    Was my blood pressure high after vaccine?
    I got the second HPV vaccination and I felt really sick and faint. The nurse took my blood pressure and it said 127 over 49 and she told me to drink some water and she’d take my bp again. When she took it again 10 minutes later it was 167 over 89. She got a doctor and I was sent home (this was done in my school). Was this high? Why did it shoot up so quickly?

    • ANSWER:
      Your first blood pressure reading was quite low, a lot of people get that reaction from needles – its the body’s reaction to an attack by pooling the blood in the organs of your body.

      Why did it shoot up? – Drinking water and relaxing made it go back to normal – you were probably sent home as a precaution.

      If you want to find out if your blood pressure is high or low – try the link below – Good luck :)

    just found out I’m pregnant but I have high blood pressure?
    Hello all, I just found out today by HPT that I am pregnant…probably about 4 weeks, with my 3rd child…In set i was diagnosed with hereditary high blood pressure and im on a water pill to keep it under control. How will high blood pressure effect my pregnancy this time around?? will i have to be on bed rest, is it dangerous??? im scared :/

    • ANSWER:
      I was scared too when I found out that I was pregnant and I also have high blood pressure. They changed my medicine. I also took a water pill. I was taking atentelol and diazide (probably not spelled right) but anyway. They changed my meds to methyldopa 500 mg twice a day and it has kept my blood pressure under control very well. I am 37 weeks pregnant and it has not been high at all.

      This medicine has been around for a long time.

      To me it is easier to control chronic high blood pressure than pregnancy related. I see my doctor every week now and then go over to the hospital and have a stress test done to make sure everything is okay. It is aggravating and time consuming but it is well worth it. I go over there and they hook me up to all the monitors just like I am in labor and monitor me for about 20-30 min and they try to get me to have some contractions to make sure everything is going well. Even if you don’t have high blood pressure it is a good idea to have one of those stress tests done. And they will induce you at 39 week when you have high blood pressure.

      You get lots of special treatment and attention, which is nice.

      OB doctors see this all the time so it is really nothing new to them but for us with it, it can be scary.

    Can drinking lots of water offset a high sodium diet?
    Let’s say I want to start eating a can of mixed vegetables and a can of chicken soup for lunch 5 days a week at work. Those two items are notoriously high in sodium. Can I prevent long term arterial damage and high blood pressure by 2 quarts of water while at work?

    • ANSWER:
      The amount of sodium in urine is controlled by hormones. So consuming a lot of sodium will ultimately make your urine more concentrated with sodium and drinking more water will make you urinate more. But it’s not instantaneous nor is it fool proof, especially if you consume a lot on a consistent basis. It’s better just to try and cut out those really concentrated sources of sodium like that found in processed cans of soup. Some stores actually sell cans of soup that are “no added sodium” or “low sodium”.

    Can High Blood pressure cause infertility for Women?
    I have had high blood pressure for like awhile and well doctor said change your diet and so and so….
    I did It did not work.
    He put me on medication called ATENOLOL 25 mg. and its stable now. I’m also on water pills.
    Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for 4 months now. and It has not happened.
    Now that I’m on Blood pressure medication,

    Can this medication be OK to try to conceive?
    And While pregnant?


    • ANSWER:
      Well ur question has multiple parts I will do my best to answer ur concern
      Atenolol is a beta blocker used to decrease ur heart rate and thus dec. BP, water pills decrease ur blood volume and so also dec BP
      They are both very old drugs and thus have been used by millions of people and they are very safe, however there is a tricky part, no pharmaceutical company dares to conduct a trial of its products on pregnant women so its written in the leaflet insert that it has not been tested in pregnancy
      In other words its ur choice and the clinical judgement of ur doctor to use the drug in pregnancy but for these 2 drugs i would say its 90% safe
      As for conception I assure u both these drugs and blood pressure itself has absolutely no effect of u not conceiving yet.
      4 months is not a problem and conceiving problems are considered if conception fails for 1 year.
      Take ur time and dont be stressed but once u conceive I would advise u to go for a gynaecologist consultation as u will be what they call medium risk case. u will need close follow up every 2 weeks

    High blood pressure even after a week of being “perfect”?
    Hi guys,

    I had my blood pressure tested and it was shown to be really quite high.

    In the past I:

    Smoked on the weekend.
    Smoked a couple in the evenings.
    One day of the weekend had a “night out with the lads” – getting drunk.
    The odd one or two cans every other day.
    During the week I ate very healthily, got my 5-a-day most days
    Didn’t add salt to my food.
    Walk around 3-5 miles a day as part of my job.

    I was getting readings anything between 145/80 – 180/90 (at resting!!)

    Ever since the week started I havent smoked a cigarette, not touched any booze, kept my healthy diet, done more exercise than usual, drink lots of water.

    Yet my blood pressure is still high, just took a reading at relative rest and it was 175/85 — This is after 5/6 full days of being a complete “good boy”.

    Am I expecting it to drop too quickly? Perhaps… but 175/85 seems awfully high seen as I’d been a “good boy” for almost a week.

    I am going to start doing 30mins swim in the morning, and a 2mile jog in the evening as of next week to hope this will help.

    But I guess my question is – shouldn’t my blood pressure have lowered over the last week??

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing is going to change overnight. You have to be patient. You’ve make the right decision in making life style changes though, just keep it up and you will notice some improvement.

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